Common Worship Almanacs
for PalmOS and iCal

Almanac files for Palm, iCal and other calendar software

version 1.19 Jan 2004
correction to date and spelling of Remembrance Sunday
version 1.04 Nov 2003

The file lect-2004.dba is a Datebook archive file for Palm Desktop for Windows. It contains a complete calendar and lectionary ‘almanac’ for the liturgical year beginning on Advent Sunday 2003, and ending on the eve of Advent Sunday 2004. This archive is also available as a zip file which may be useful to those whose browsers do not like the dba file. Just download and unzip to gt the dba file. The data is derived from a file supplied by Church House Publishing, to whom thanks are due. The original files can be found here. Note that there is no request this year to notify CHP that you are using this data.


For information on how to use these files, the data they contain or how to make further suggestions, see this Instructions page.

For details of other Palm datafiles, see our main page.

Simon Kershaw
8 November 2004