Common Worship Almanacs
for PalmOS and iCal

Almanac files for Palm, iCal and other calendar software

lect-2005.dba, lect-2005.ics, lect-2005.vcs:
version 1.08 Nov 2004

Download a complete calendar and lectionary ‘almanac’ for the liturgical year beginning on Advent Sunday 2004, and ending on the eve of Advent Sunday 2005.

This almanac is available in a number of formats for Palm Datebook and for Apple iCal, and for other vCalendar-compatible calendar applications.

The data is derived from a file supplied by Church House Publishing, to whom thanks are due. The original files can be found here, and are suitable for loading into Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Excel.

  • Palm Desktop

    The file lect-2005.dba is a Palm Datebook archive file for Palm Desktop for Windows. This archive is also available as a zip file which may be useful to those whose browsers do not like the dba file. Just download and unzip to get the dba file. (XP users may have to use a utility such as WinZip to open the zip archive and drag out the dba file.)

    This Datebook Archive file has been created using Palm Desktop version 4.1.4, the latest version available at Palm. I have had reports that it may not load into earlier versions of Palm Desktop. If you have this problem, you can import the vCal version (see below).

  • Apple iCal

    The file lect-2005.ics is a file for Apple's iCal desktop calendar application. To load this, first save to your hard disc, then, in iCal, click on File -> Import, select the default iCal option, and then choose the file that you saved. You will probably want to load the data into its own new calendar so that you can manage it separately. From here you can sync the calendar to a Palm or other PDA.

  • vCalendar

    I have also provided a vCalendar file lect-2005.vcs. This was initially used to import the data into Palm Datebook. It may also be useful for importing into other calendar applications. If you have trouble with the dba file then this file should import into earlier versions of Palm Desktop which support vCal import. Import in the same way (File -> Import, then select 'vCal file', and choose the .vcs file). You will need to slightly tidy up afterwards, as it gets the import wrong on the last Sunday of March and the last Sunday of October -- you will have to turn the items on those dates into 'all day' events rather than timed events.


For information on how to use these files, the data they contain or how to make further suggestions, see this Instructions page.

For details of other Palm datafiles, see our main page.

Simon Kershaw
8 November 2004