Common Worship Almanacs
for PalmOS and iCal

Almanac files for Palm, iCal and other calendar software


  1. Download the required file to your local hard drive. In most browsers you can do this by right-clicking on the link and selecting ‘save as...’ or similar. With a one-button Mac mouse click and hold to get the pop-up menu.
  2. On your PC open the Palm Desktop and select the Datebook.
  3. Optionally create a new user to examine the archive -- see below.
  4. On the ‘File’ menu select ‘Import...’
  5. Choose the file cw-cal.dba and select ‘Open’
  6. Hotsync your Palm or Palm Pilot. Your Palm will now include all the fixed dates of the Common Worship Calendar


You may wish to examine and perhaps modify the archive before merging it into your Datebook. To do this follow these steps:

  1. Create a new user in the Palm Desktop by selecting ‘Edit Users...’ from the ‘Users’ menu at the top right of the Desktop.
  2. Select this user. You are now presented with an empty Desktop Datebook, Addressbook, etc. Your real data is still available under the ‘Users’ menu. This new user will not be Hotsynced.
  3. Import the Datebook archive file using the procedure above.
  4. You can now browse and edit the Calendar.
  5. If you have modified the Calendar and wish to use your modified version then export the Datebook to a Datebook archive (dba) file. You may wish to overwrite cw-cal.dba or to create a new dba file. To export an archive select ‘Export...’ from the ‘File’ menu.
  6. Switch back to your real user.
  7. Import the original or the modified archive into your Desktop datebook. This will merge the Calendar into your Datebook.
  8. Hotsync to transfer the Calendar to your Palm or Palm Pilot.


(This section is still to be written. Meantime, have a look at the file.)


These files are made available free of charge. Furthermore I disclaim all responsibility for any consequences of any errors in the files. My liability is limited to making available an updated version of the archive. Please help by pointing out any errors.

The 2003, 2004 and 2005 Lectionaries are made available free of charge, and are derived from data provided by Church House Publishing. The above disclaimer also applies to these files.


For further information or suggestions email me, Simon Kershaw, <>

Simon Kershaw
8 September 2000
The Birth of the Blessed Virgin Mary