Common Worship Almanacs
for PalmOS and iCal

Almanac files for Palm, iCal and other calendar software


The file, cw-cal.dba, is a Datebook archive file for the Palm Desktop for Windows. It contains all the ‘fixed dates’ of the Calendar of the Church of England, which was introduced in 1997. The file contains a zipped version of the dba file. If you have problems with the dba file then you may find that downloading and unzipping the zip version solves the problem.

version 1.3 18 Sep 2005.
  The dates associated with the commemoration of the Martyrs of Uganda on 3 June have been changed to '1885-7 and 1977', rather than '1886 and 1978'.
This change was made by General Synod in July 2005.
version 1.2 8 Sep 2000.
  moved Petroc from 23 May to 4 June
altered 1 July to Henry, John, and Henry Venn the younger
(both these are revisions made by General Synod to the calendar and included in Common Worship)
version 1.123 Dec 1999.
added William Laud (accidentally omitted from v 1.0)
version 1.01 Feb 1999.


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Simon Kershaw
18 September 2005