Common Worship Almanacs
for PalmOS and iCal

Almanac files for Palm, iCal and other calendar software

lect-2003.dba, lect-2003.vcs:
version 1.110 Jan 2003
minor corrections to some lectionary citations
version 1.07 Dec 2002

The file lect-2003.dba is a Datebook archive file for Palm Desktop for Windows. It contains a complete calendar and lectionary ‘almanac’ for the liturgical year beginning on Advent Sunday 2002, and ending on the eve of Advent Sunday 2003. This data is derived from a file supplied by Church House Publishing, to whom thanks are due. If you have not notified then please do so -- the availability of this almanac is dependent on your honesty in doing so. See this Common Worship web page for more information.

The 2003 almanac is also available as the file lect-2003.vcs which is an experimental version for iCal and vCal compatible calendars. This should load directly into Apple’s iCal calendar for MacOS X, from where it can be synced to a PalmOS device.


For information on how to use these files, the data they contain or how to make further suggestions, see this Instructions page.

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Simon Kershaw
8 November 2004